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BRAC has a separate Procurement Department that manages the requisitioning of purchases for the programmes. In all aspects, it follows BRAC Procurement Guidelines and Implementation Procedures, which are transparent and were developed in line with international procurement standards.

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Sample of filled-up ideal procurement requirement form:

Sample of Single Source Justification Note

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The majority of BRAC’s work is in Bangladesh. We have been delivering successful programmes since 1972 and grown to become the largest development organisation in the world. Our low cost, innovative solutions to the daily problems facing poor families have been scaled up to reach every village in Bangladesh.

BRAC provides more than just microfinance. We use the microfinance groups as a social platform to deliver scaled-up services in health, education, business development and livelihood support. These are all critical components needed to ensure that poor people can break the cycle of poverty.

We have won numerous international awards for turning problems into successful solutions.

The majority of our 125,000 staff is in Bangladesh, with our headquarters in Dhaka, the national capital.

Scaling up in Asia and Africa

BRAC has substantial operations in a growing number of Asian and African countries. We work in countries where we can achieve a major impact on reducing poverty and improving livelihoods.

Since 2002, we have been using our experience to energise and accelerate poverty alleviation efforts in other countries. We deliver microfinance, health, education, agriculture and livestock services based on our integrated approach in Bangladesh.

Our programmes can be scaled up quickly to a national level and are low cost, effective and adaptable.

Asian and African staff

We directly recruit and train local staff to deliver and manage our programmes.

However, specialist managers from BRAC in Bangladesh are posted internationally for quality control and south-south knowledge exchange.

        Sri Lanka
        Sierra Leone
        South Sudan

We also provide support to other development organisations in Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, viagra or cialis Peru, and Northern Sudan.